Apply for 2021 NSF Math Sciences Graduate Internship (MSGI)

We are happy to announce the opportunity to apply for 2021 NSF Math Sciences Graduate Internship (MSGI) to work on the research project entitled: Uncertainty-Aware Data-Driven Models for Optimal Learning and Robust Decision Making Under Uncertainty. (Mentors: Drs. Nathan Urban & Byung-Jun Yoon)

This project aims to develop Scientific ML techniques that enable objective-driven uncertainty quantification (UQ) for data-driven models. We will focus on developing theories and algorithms that can ultimately lead to an automated learning procedure of effective surrogates for complex systems that can be used for making optimal decisions robust to system uncertainties and surrogate approximation errors. These goals will be attained based on a Bayesian ML paradigm, in which we integrate scientific prior knowledge on the system and the available data to obtain a prior directly characterizing the scientific uncertainty in the physical system, quantify the uncertainty relative to the objective, develop optimal operators robust to the uncertainty, and design strategies that can optimally reduce the uncertainty and thereby directly contribute to the attainment of the objective. Potential applications of this methodology will be discussed with the student, but may focus on biological and biomedical discovery science. Detailed information of this project can be found in the project catalog at the following link (search for reference code: BNL-URBAN1):

The NSF Mathematical Sciences Graduate Internship (MSGI) program is aimed at students who are interested in understanding the application of advanced mathematical and statistical techniques to “real world” problems, regardless of whether you plan to pursue an academic or nonacademic career. Internship activities will vary based on the assigned research project and hosting facility. As part of your application, you will identify your top 3 research projects from the 2021 NSF MSGI Project Catalog:

Further information about the NSF Mathematical Sciences Graduate Internship program can be found at:

Application Deadline: January 13, 2021 4PM Eastern Time Zone