A new website launched for objective uncertainty quantification

Drs. Byung-Jun and Xiaoning Qian have jointly launched a new website https://objectiveuq.org, which aims to provide a convenient centralized access point to the latest research findings and developments relevant to objective-based uncertainty quantification (UQ) and optimal experimental design (OED).

This new website will provide a comprehensive list of research papers, software, resources, as well as the latest news and developments relevant to objective UQ. Main topics of interest that will be primarily featured on this new website include:

  • Mean objective cost of uncertainty (MOCU)
  • Optimal experimental design (OED)
  • Robust operator design for operations such as: classification, filtering, compression, control, and clustering
  • Optimal Bayesian Transfer Learning (OBTL)
  • Maximal knowledge-driven information priors (MKDIP)
  • Diverse scientific applications of MOCU and MOCU-based OED

Please visit https://objectiveuq.org for further information.