A new named postdoctoral fellowship position in Applied Mathematics and Scientific Computing is available at Brookhaven National Lab (BNL)

The Applied Mathematics Group of the Computational Science Initiative (CSI) at Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) invites exceptional candidates to apply for the Amalie Emmy Noether Fellowship in applied mathematics and scientific computing.

This fellowship offers a unique opportunity to conduct research in a broad set of fields, including reduced order modeling, uncertainty quantification and scalable computational statistics for Bayesian inference, optimization and control for decision making under uncertainty, scientific machine learning, high-dimensional inverse problems, multiscale modeling, integrated computational modeling frameworks, data science for streaming or “in-situ” (within simulation) analytics in high performance computing (HPC), and numerical methods. The methods and fundamental advances made in the course of this research will further the progress of applications of interest to BNL and the Department of Energy (DOE). Examples of such applications might include: data-driven uncertainty quantification and hybrid process-based/data-driven modeling for climate prediction and resilience planning, optimal experimental and simulation design for drug discovery and materials science, and large-scale data processing for particle accelerator experiments. The followship includes access to world-class HPC resources, such as the BNL Institutional Cluster and DOE leadership computing facilities. Access to these platforms will allow computing at scale and will ensure that the successful candidate will have the necessary resources to solve challenging DOE problems of interest.

This program provides full support for a period of two years at CSI. Candidates must have received a doctorate (Ph.D.) in applied mathematics or a related field (e.g., mathematics, physics, engineering, statistics, operations research, or computer science) within the past five years. This fellowship presents a unique chance to conduct interdisciplinary collaborative research in BNL programs with a strongly competitive salary. Recipients will be allowed to select a direct mentor from a list of CSI staff scientists. This mentor will help the recipient define and pursue their own research agenda during their appointment.

For more information, visit: https://jobs.bnl.gov/job/upton/post-doc-applied-math-scientific-computing/3437/3147419072