IEEE COVID-19 Data Hackathon Event will be held at 2021 IEEE Healthcare Summit (IHS)

We are happy to announce that a Data Hackathon event will be organized at the First IEEE Healthcare Summit (IHS) – a virtual event that will be held on Oct. 4-7, 2021.

The main focus of the Data Hackathon will be on integrating the latest advances in Biomedical Health Informatics and AI (artificial intelligence) to combat COVID-19 pandemics. Multiple challenges based on various datasets – including single cell RNA sequencing data, CT imaging data, audio data, public health data, NLP (natural language processing) data, and others – will be provided, where participants can choose the challenge and dataset based on their interest and expertise.

Teams/individuals interested in participating in the Data Hackathon should register by the registration deadline (Sep. 15, 2021). Many awards – sponsored by IEEE as well as other individual institutions sponsoring the event – will be given to top performing teams/individuals.

For further information and the latest updates about the Data Hackathon, please visit: